We buy businesses and honor your life’s work

ShorLine Investments works to pay top dollar for your business, while honoring your life’s work.

We commit to being  transparent with how we develop our offer, we always aim for win/win on price and terms, and we understand how important it is for the employees to be well taken care of.

Are you open to selling your business?

We understand that for many of our sellers, this is your life’s work — we honor that legacy.

We don’t force growth and look to sell quickly. We hold our businesses long term and grow sustainably, creating wealth and opportunity for the entire team

Reasons our sellers choose us

  • Concerned for the wellbeing of their employees if they sell
  • Overwhelmed with the day-to-day operations
  • Much of their net worth / cash is locked in the business
  • Sellers need to be full-time active for business to succeed
  • Worried a buyer will force their company with growth after they sell

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& fair offers

We take the time to understand your business – when we make an offer it is thoughtful, and we will always share our reasoning. 

What we won’t do is give you a high priced offer and try to lower it through due diligence.

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Honor your legacy & Life’s work

We invest with a long-term mindset, and hold our companies for the long run. We value the effort it took to build your business, and we build off of that foundation to achieve the next level of success. 

We do not flip businesses, we will not buy your company, try to force it with growth and sell to the highest bidder. 

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Support your existing people

We commit to ensuring your team feels safe, secure and excited about the company’s next chapter with ShorLine.

Our philosophy is that teamwork makes the dream work and when the company is successful, everyone should share in that success.

what our partners have to say…

“I highly Recommend”

Jason and everyone at ShorLine have been extremely professional, diligent, and responsive when working through every step of the process. They were communicative and efficient, and made finding a “win win” for all parties a top priority. I highly recommend and respect the ShoreLine team.
Matt Aitchison
CEO of Vault Investment Properties

“Very professional and transparent”

Knowing Jason has been an honor.  Over the last decade of our relationship, I’ve witnessed Jason secure critical relationships and navigate impressive negotiations that few people across many industries would be able to accomplish. I can’t recommend his influence enough. 
Matt Babinaue
CEO of Company

What makes us different?

Our priority is to determine if we are a great buyer for your business, sometimes we are and other times we are not.
If we are not, we will share that early and save everyone time, energy and money.

Typical Private Equity Group

  • They’ll offer you as little as possible, or give a high initial offer only to reduce it once you’ve signed exclusivity
  • They want to force the company with growth to sell at a higher price
  • They’ll slash & squeeze your team to increase profits
  • They won’t tell you how they reach their valuation
  • The’ll want you involved as if you work for them
  • They’re often removed, and don’t care to know the employees
  • They are volume based and see your business as just another deal


  • We invest for the long term
  • We’ll offer as much as possible
  • We’ll be transparent with how we value your business
  • We’ll invest in your existing employees
  • We are upfront and honest about us being a good fit
  • We don’t need to buy a certain amount of companies per year or meet rigid growth targets

Imagine what’s possible when you find the right partner

You deserve to reap the fruits from your labor.

When ShorLine is your partner, we’ll continue to invest in the people who made your life’s work possible.

  • How Do You Value Companies?
  • What Businesses Do You Invest In?
  • How Does The Process Work?
  • How Do You Reach An Agreement On Value?