Our core Values

Every decision, action and effort we make is in alignment with these unwavering pillars that guide our entire company.


Face challenges head on and do the next right thing


Generous with grace and the abundance mentality


Offer a hand to those in need proactively and with a joy to serve

Extreme Ownership

We take responsibility for all outcomes, believing that even if it is not our fault, it is still our responsibility

Our goal is to hit 3 main targets

win/win deals

where sellers feel great about the price and terms we offer.

Honor the legacy of service

that our sellers have built over decades of hard work.

Support existing employees

so they feel safe, secure and excited about the businesses’ next chapter

Who we are nOT

We are not a private equity group looking to buy companies cheap, layoff staff, force them with growth and try to sell them in 3-5 years. That is not our philosophy. 

Our goal is to purchase strong stable businesses with great values, great people and great track records. We have no quotas, no minimums, no pressure.

Our investments are long term oriented and we always work to ensure that the employees making things happen, share in the upside of success with our portfolio.

Carly Jannati

Training, Education & Employee Support

Jonathan Ehrenfeld

Strategy & Finance

Kevin Gibson

Legal & Deal Structure

Daniel Himel

Marketing & Systems

Howard Behar

Senior Mentor
Former Starbucks President

Gary Jonas

Strategy & Finance

Mark Schaiger

Human Capital

Sarah Frye

Marketing & Press Relations

Josh Notes

Analysis & Due Diligence

Jason Jannati

Strategy & Growth