Our Investments

Our goal is to purchase strong stable businesses with great values, great people and great track records. We have no quotas, no minimums, no pressure.

Our investments are long term oriented and we always work to ensure that the employees making things happen, share in the upside of success with our portfolio.

How we choose our investments


We believe that it is the people that make a business successful, companies with strong operations and people who are the best at what they do, are at the cornerstone of what we look for.


We know that a team is only as strong as the way people work together and we believe values are the key to that alignment. With strong values in place a business can overcome any challenge and makes success that much more enjoyable

Track Record

We look for businesses who have been successful over the long-term. We would rather pay a premium for a successful track record rather than a company that has not.

Our Investments

Youth Development

Spire Institute & Academy

SPIRE Institute & Academy is where aspiring student athletes and professionals come to fuel their passion. SPIRE’s five divisions (Academy, Events, Camps, Institute, Fit) are housed in a 825,000sq ft “world-class” sports complex.

With a campus on 800+ acres and 10 year master plan, SPIRE’s unique multi-layered business model addresses industry challenges, creates diverse annual revenue streams, and positions SPIRE as the premier destination for students, events and strategic affiliations that can impact the future of academics, sport and other professions.


Innovative Environmental Technologies (IET)

IET is committed to the development and implementation of a wide variety of in-situ and ex-situ remedial alternatives.

Utilizing a fleet of specially designed equipment applying in-house and licensed patented technologies with 18 years of field experience, IET is able to offer clients and their customers a variety of the most effective remedial solutions.


Triangle Swim School

Founded in 2007 as a small family-owned swim school, Triangle’s two locations in Cary and North Raleigh, NC currently service more than 980 students.

The award-winning swim school focuses on building techniques with one-on-one and small group coaching. The school prides itself on their experienced trainers and individualized attention, including instructors who are ASL and special needs certified.


Lava Laundry

Lava Laundry provides award winning laundry services throughout the Northern California region.  

Our coin operated laundromats provide a vibrant and entertaining laundry experience in a great atmosphere.  We want our customers to enjoy their time at our LAVAnderias!